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Best. Job. Evah.

July 7th, 2009 (04:47 pm)

Witch at Wookey Hole, anyone?

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(no subject)

June 29th, 2009 (09:00 pm)

Welcome to the only game in town

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Friend of a friend healthcare

June 3rd, 2009 (02:51 pm)

This is the awesomest idea I've heard in a very long time.

One of the things that I can never get my head around is the lack of public healthcare in America. It seems to me to be one of the absolute fundamentals of a 'civilized' society, and I always do a double-take when I'm reminded that America doesn't have it. My friend Janece and her husband Paul are in urgent need of some serious emergency dental care, and are unable to cover the cost. Janece's friend Dana Roc has come up with this inspired idea: Friend of a Friend Healthcare -- we all know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who is in this same position; by all chipping in a small contribution, we can have a massive positive impact on people's lives.

Janece and Paul are the 'test case' for this brilliant brilliant scheme, and I sincerely hope they will be the first of many to benefit -- please help if you can, and pass the details on to everyone you know. Let's get a movement going here!

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Steampunk tableware

February 25th, 2009 (06:38 pm)

OMG Want, want and more want

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It's Thursday

February 18th, 2009 (10:43 pm)

NO PANTS!!!11!one

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Must. Have.

January 26th, 2009 (04:28 pm)

Or at least get one for Rob

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Because this stuff is important

January 26th, 2009 (04:21 pm)

Bacon flowchart

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This, my friends, is why we are blessed to have the internet

January 25th, 2009 (05:18 pm)

"Statistically speaking, there's at least one person on Earth who's a fan of Eminem and Benny Hill and Doctor Who. This video is for that freak."

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I did genuinely LOL

January 8th, 2009 (10:08 pm)

An atheist campaign claiming "There's probably no God" has been reported to the advertising regulator.
But organisation Christian Voice has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority saying they break rules on substantiation and truthfulness.



aAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Heeeheeeheeeeee. *sniff* Heh.

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January 3rd, 2009 (06:01 pm)

Matt Smith. So young. Such awfully big hair. An even bigger chin.

Hmmm. Not sure.